Who am I?

Solo female embarking on solo post-breakup adventures. Hoping to “find myself”. And then give myself a good slap for using the phrase “find myself”. I hate “travelling”. I love being in new places! Unfortunately, until teleporters become standard issue, planes and trains will have to suffice. Some days I will be overjoyed, thankful for the amazing new opportunities that events in my life have transpired to present me with. Other days I will want to close my shiny new netbook & beat the irritating person next to me to death with it. I never know which kind of day it’ll be until I wake up and someone talks to me before coffee. And neither will you!

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Why must the world endure my ramblings?

  1. I am too cheap to send postcards. Also, I have no intention of learning the word “stamp” in 27 languages 🙂 So I will be keeping family & friends updated on my travels via the powers of t’interweb.
  2. I think being a “travel blogger” rather than a “self-absored, unemployed, flashpacker”, will look better on my CV.
  3. I will be able to look cool and interesting, typing on my netbook, while dining/relaxing/drinking/being zen alone.

The ever-changing plan:

  • 6 weeks in Eastern Europe
    • Croatia, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Hungary, Slovenia, Austria (okay, okay, it’s Central Europe, but it looks so pretty!)
  • 3 week tour in China & Hong Kong
    • Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Chengdu, Leshan & the Three Gorges, Yangshuo
  • 6 weeks visiting friends in Australia
    • Mainly Sydney & surrounding NSW, with a potential jaunt to Queensland
  • 6 weeks re-visiting Japan
    • Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima and hopefully a million places in between

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